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A CMAK AGRO has an unwavering commitment to developing innovative and technological solutions for the agribusiness universe. Our scope of action ranges from the initial phase in the nursery to planting in the field, with the main focus on achieving outstanding results in efficiency, economy and, above all, sustainability.

One of the jewels of our technology, the SAMP, was designed to accommodate the planting of various seedlings, covering crops such as sugar cane, eucalyptus, sweet potatoes, among others. This solution is a real game-changer for the mechanized planting process.

RoboPlant, on the other hand, represents a personalized and applicable solution for planting seedlings in already prepared fields, as well as in reforestation areas with challenging roots. This state-of-the-art equipment uses an electric motor and a hydraulic system for opening, closing, positioning and insertion of seedlings into the soil, ensuring excellent automated planting.

Meanwhile, the RoboWater is a notable innovation in the field of irrigation, offering a precise irrigation system and seedling georeferencing with an electric motor. Currently, we are the only company that provides products and processes that cover all stages of seedling production from the perspective of agroindustry 4.0.

At CMAK AGRO, our passion is to create solutions that drive agribusiness towards a more sustainable, efficient and technologically advanced future. We are committed to redefining industry standards and improving every phase of the production cycle.

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