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We are a company specialized in seedling and seed production for different cultures, such as forests, forestry, sugarcane, cassava, potatoes, coffee and citrus. With the constant search for excellence, we adopt modern and innovative technologies, from the nursery to the field. Our highly qualified team uses advanced techniques to guarantee the quality and vigor of the seedlings, while automated systems optimize production and monitoring. We believe that our combination of cutting-edge technology, qualified team and commitment to quality differences in the market, providing excellent solutions in
planting seedlings and 
contributing to the success of ventures agricultural and forestry sectors, boosting productivity and sustainability.

nas diferenças no mercado, fornecendo soluções de excelência emplantio de mudas e contribuindo para o sucesso de empreendimentos agrícolas e florestais, impulsionando produtividade e sustentabilidade.

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